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Use (visit or purchase of products) of this website implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. For the best use of this website, we recommend you read carefully this Terms and Conditions.  

This website is administered by Sc Pro Tech Shop Srl, with registered office at 447-451 Iuliu Maniu Boulevard, 6th District, Bucharest, Romania, incorporated with Register of Companies under no. J40/7797/2014, fiscal code RO33333664, share capital RON 200, phone: 004 0787 608 581, email address: For contact information, please see the contact section of this website (this section is part of the General Business Terms).


Contract – the purchase contract or another contract governed by the applicable law in which the Parties are the Consumer, on one hand, and the Seller, on the other hand.  
Seller (distributor) – a person who, in accordance with the contractual terms and conditions, concludes acts of commerce or other acts of a commercial nature . He/she is a natural or legal person who, directly, or through other natural or legal persons, delivers goods and/or provides services to the Consumer.
Consumer (buyer) – a natural person who, in accordance with the contractual terms and conditions concludes acts which are not of a commercial nature. He/she is a natural person who buys goods or services for other purposes than commercial purposes.

Distributor – a person who, according to the contractual terms and conditions, performs acts of commercial nature.

Finalization of purchase contract – the order placed by the Buyer is an act with legal effects, subject to confirmation and acceptance of order by the Seller. Upon acceptance of the order by the Seller, a contract with legal effects is concluded, with rights and obligations for both Parties, as defined in the contract or in the general business terms, which are part of this contract.
Terms and Conditions – the contractual agreement between the Seller and the Buyer according to the terms and conditions shown in this section. The Buyer accepts the terms in which the contract is signed at the transmission of order, the order that generates legal effects from the conclusion of the purchase contract. The Buyer commits to acknowledge these conditions, conditions that are considered to have been accepted from the moment the order is sent to the Seller. Withdrawal from the contract can be made according to the legal provisions for remotely-signed contracts.  


Your personal data can be used by Sc Pro Tech Shop Srl for confirmation of orders, information by e-mail, post or other means of communication about subsequent actions, statistical reports etc.

If you wish to receive information about the products and services offered by Sc Pro Tech Shop Srl ( ), please enter your email address in the column “Newsletter”. For unsubscribing it is sufficient if you send us a message for this purpose. The message has to come from the email address for which you want to unsubscribe.

 Your personal data can be transmitted to legal authorities for the purpose of checking the commercial transactions or other legal authorities for the performance of any checks justified by law.

The data provided by customers are strictly confidential.  Sc Pro Tech Shop Srl commits to its customers not to provide these data to third parties or companies and to use them strictly for the business relationship between the customer and Sc Pro Tech Shop Srl (

This website uses security measures against loss, alteration or wrong use of information which is under our control.

Sc Pro Tech Shop Srl ( undertakes to respect your rights conferred by the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 for the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and free movement of these data and repealing the Directive 95/46/EC (GDPR), respectively the right of access, rectification or erasure of data, the right of restriction of processing or the right to oppose to processing of personal data, the right of data portability, the right to withdraw your consent at any time, the right to submit a complaint to the competent supervisory authority or the right not to be subject to an automated decision, including profiling, and at your request sent to the email address:, we commit to respond within 30 days to your request regarding the exercise of these rights. 

Sc Pro Tech Shop Srl declares that it will respect the rights conferred by GDPR, the Law no. 365/2002 for electronic trade, the Ordinance no. 34/2014 for protection of consumers at the conclusion and performance of remote contracts as further amended, and the other applicable norms in consumer protection matters.

 In case of online payments, the payment for the services provided on this website is performed by the online payment solutions offered by Netopia Payments | MobilPay.

 In order to eliminate the risk for your data to enter into possession and to be used abusively by third parties, Sc Pro Tech Shop Srl ( and Netopia Payments | MobilPay guarantee the security of software systems.

The information regarding financial data (card number, expiry date etc.) is not transferred or stored at any time on the servers of Sc Pro Tech Shop Srl ( or on the servers of Netopia Payments | MobilPay.

In case of 3D Secure System for the payment with Visa or MasterCard cards, your financial data are introduced directly in Visa or MasterCard systems, and if your card was issued by a bank certified in 3D Secure System, the authorization of transaction is made only after your authentication in this system – the introduction of a code/secret password known only by you similarly to the PIN code for ATM transactions.



The whole content of the website   - images, texts, graphs, symbols, web graphics elements, scripts, software and other data – is the property of Sc Pro Tech Shop Srl and of its suppliers and is protected by the law protecting copyright and intellectual and industrial property. Use without consent of Sc Pro Tech Shop Srl of any elements listed above is punished according to the laws in force.

We remind you that you can report at any time a possible copyright infringement noticed on this website by email to:


Sc Pro Tech Shop Srl guarantees the user limited access, for personal interests, to this website and does not confer the right to download or partially or fully change the website, partially or fully reproduce the website, to copy, sell/resell or exploit the website in any other ways, for commercial purposes or purposes contrary to the interests of the company Sc Pro Tech Shop Srl without its prior written consent.


Any visitor has the right to create, free of charge, an account on, or can shop from the store as a Visitor. By registration as user, you benefit from certain supplementary facilities such as: faster orders, registration of several delivery addresses. The information provided to us must be correct. By opting for registration, you commit to provide us your name, address and other useful information. For the correction or updating of this kind of information, please access the link “My Account”.  By accessing your account and using your personal password you are responsible for all the actions resulting from their use. Sc Pro Tech Shop Srl cannot be held responsible for the errors occurred by the negligence of the user regarding the security and confidentiality of his/her account and password.

By using the links from the website or the search function, you navigate between the categories of products. As soon as you have identified a product which is suitable to your wishes, select the colour, size and quantity, then press the button "Add to basket”. Here you have the opportunity to update the quantity of products you intend to order or to drop one or more products.

Press the button "Continue shopping" if you want to further navigate through the store and add other products to your basket. If you want to change the quantity of some products, do not forget to click the button "Update". In order to proceed to the next step, press the button "Finalization of order", then you have to opt for the method of payment: User or Visitor. After the completion of all information required and confirmation of acceptance of Terms and Conditions, press the button ”Finalization of Order”.


If we believe that the data are real and correct, shortly after sending the order, you will receive an email for its confirmation. The orders are honoured in the order of their arrival. We reserve the right not to operate the orders which we believe that they have incomplete personal data or if the potential customer did not confirm the order.

The parcels are sent only after our operators confirm the existence of all the products in stock. Any possible changes to the order placed online can be made after the telephone confirmatiom.


The prices presented on the website are final and include VAT (retail sales) and are valid until the disappearance of product from the website or their change. The price presented on invoice will be the same as the price presented on website at the performance of operation, it is the final price to which the transport costs are added.  

Any announcement of price reduction is accompanied by the previous price, respectively the lowest price of the Seller for the last 30 days before the application of discount. In case of products which can deteriorate or become perimated fast, the previous price represents the lowest price used by the Seller for the last 10 days before the application of discount.  

If there are products presented for sale for less than 30 days, the previous price represents the lowest price used by the Seller in this period before the application of discount. The Seller will indicate clearly, legibly and easily to identify the period when the previous price was applied.  

If the discount is gradually increased, for the period of the same discount campaign, the previous price is considered the price without discount before the first application of discount.  

The provisions regarding the price discount announcements shall apply accordingly to the products:

  • Which belong to collections from the previous seasons;
  • Which are surpluses of products or products from the end of production line or second-hand products;
  • Which belong to experimental lines of products;
  • Returned and/or surpluses of stock cancelled;
  • In state of use and resealed, sold at discount;
  • With small defects, indicated expressly as such in the Seller's offer, by informing in writing the Consumer,

hereinafter referred to as “sales in outlet regime”.

If the Seller practices sales in outlet regime and compares the selling prices with the factory store price of the manufacturer or with the catalogue price or with another equivalent reference price, the Seller will provide written clear, legible and easy to identify information about the reference price used for comparison.

To the extent applicable, the Seller will inform the Consumer if the price was personalized based on an automated decision-making process.


The payment for services according to these Terms and Conditions can be made in cash on delivery or online by bank transfer.  If you select ”Cash on delivery” as payment method, the total amount of order will be paid when the courier delivers the parcel.  


After you send the order, you will receive by email an automatic confirmation reply. The estimated delivery time will be 48 hours. We mention that the date displayed in estimated, and is based on the information provided by the company which makes the deliveries.


The delivery of products ordered is made by Urgent Cargus, Fan Courier or the Romanian Post Office service. The price of a delivery is about Lei 20.00 / parcel/ kg (VAT included) in the areas covered by the courier companies. The estimated delivery time is 48 hours, but because the delivery of orders is made by a third company, we do not take responsibility for delays. The parcel will be delivered to the address specified in order, and the payment in cash on delivery will be made at handover of parcel.

The online store operates in non-stop regime, the placement of orders online is not conditioned in any way. The orders will be operated in the working hours of our operators, from Monday to Friday between 08:30 - 16:00 in the order of arrival of orders and in the limit of available stock. The orders received on Friday after 15:00, on Saturday or Sunday will be operated starting with Monday, time 08:30, in the order of their arrival.


Consumer has the right to notify in writing the Seller that he/she withdraws from the purchase contract, without penalties and without invoking a reason within 14 calendar days from the reception of product or in case of provision of services, from the conclusion of the contract.  

By these Terms and Conditions, Sc Pro Tech Shop Srl extends the right of the Buyer to withdraw from the sale/purchase contract without invoking a reason and without application of penalties, within 30 calendar days from the reception of goods.

The extended guarantee is valid for the products used according to their destination, installed by a service station authorized in accordance to applicable law, which do not have apparent external defects and are accompanied by the fiscal invoice.

The Customer commits to notify the Seller about his/her intention to return the products purchased or to withdraw from the contract by a unequivocal declaration, by any method he/she wants (email:, post, telephone, SMS, Return Form, verbally etc...) within maximum 30 calendar days from the reception of products and/or services. Please enter your full name, address, telephone number and your email address when you express your intention to withdraw from the contract. It is the duty of the Customer to prove that he/she made this declaration.

In order to respect the deadline for withdrawal, it is sufficient if you send the communication regarding the exercise of withdrawal right before the expiry of the withdrawal period.

If you withdraw, we will refund the amount we received from you, except for the supplementary costs determined by your choosing another method of delivery than the cheapest type of standard delivery offered by us, without unjustified delays and in any case, not later than 14 days from the date when we are informed about your decision to withdraw from this contract. We will make this refund by using the same method of payment as the one used for the initial transaction, unless you have given your express consent for another method of refund; in any case, you will not be charged any commissions as a result of this refund. We can postpone the refund until we receive the goods or until you provide us the proof that you sent back the goods, the nearest date is valid.  

In order to make the return of merchandise, the returned product must be in the same conditions as when it was delivered, in original packaging, with all accessories, with intact labels and the documents that accompanied the product, as applicable. For this purpose, in order to assure the return and for the good functioning and organization of the internal merchandise management systems, we do not accept as return the products which are not in the original packaging in which they were delivered and/or products with deteriorated packaging, without the labels and specific inscriptions. For the sake of clarity, we mention that these elements are necessary for the good functioning of the internal management system, so that they can be returned to the suppliers of TirShop.

The Customer who notified his/her intention to return the purchased products has the responsibility to make sure that the products to which he/she made reference will be returned without unjustified delays and in any case, within maximum 30 calendar days, otherwise, Sc Pro Tech Shop Srl will consider the request unfounded/invalid and can refuse the return. The deadline is respected if the goods are sent back before the expiry of the 30-calendar day period. The Customer has to cover the direct cost of returning the products.

The Customer has the right to request the refund of the value of product(s) returned or the replacement of a product with another product, within 30 calendar days from the reception of the product. If the product desired is not available, the product can be changed with a similar one, posted on the website with the same price as the initial product or with the payment of price difference by the customer. We will not accept exchanges of products which were purchased/received within more than 30 calendar days from their purchase/reception. In case of refunding the value of product, the refund will be made within 14 calendar days from the reception of the withdrawal notice from the Customer. But the refund can be postponed until we receive the parcel or until the Customer sends a confirmation that he/she sent the parcel, taking into account the nearest date.  

All the costs of replacing the product will be covered by the Seller.

The address to which the products will be returned is: 447-451 Iuliu Maniu Boulevard, 6th District, Bucharest, Romania.

The products cannot be returned/replaced in the following cases:  

  1. They have signs of use, wear and tear, washing;
  2. Lack of components;
  3. Were deteriorated or lost in transit;

The Customer is responsible for the reduction of value of goods which result from handlings, other than necessary for determining the nature, qualities and functioning of products.  

According to the law, a customer can return the product(s) by any method of transport he/she desires (and will pay for the return transport). If the Customer sends the return by the courier company with the payment at destination/by the Seller, the countervalue of transport will be deducted from the amount to be refunded by the Seller.


The products from this website have a guarantee deadline of 30 days from the reception of the product.

The fiscal invoice received with the product ordered (or by email) replaces the guarantee certificate. The guarantee conditions are detailed on the overleaf of invoice. The products sold by benefit from the legal guarantee of conformity.

The guarantee is applied for the products purchased only from Sc Pro Tech Shop Srl and used according to their destination, installed by a service station authorized in accordance to applicable law, which do not have apparent external defects and are accompanied by the fiscal invoice.

For observations regarding guarantee, please send an email to:


In case of sale of a good on the territory of an European State as identical to a good sold in other member states of the European Union, but which has significantly different composition or characteristics (situation of products with double quality standard), the Seller makes available to the Consumers information about these situations, in a way which allowsaccess to this information regarding the differentiation of goods as a result of legitimate and objective factors, so that this differentiation can be identified by the Consumers.


In case of a product offered for sale by a third party, the Seller will make public the information whether the third party who offers the products is a trader or not.

The Seller offers the Consumers access to all reviews regarding the products and indicates if and the way in which he checked that the reviews published come from Consumers who used or bought the product.  

When results are provided about the products as response to a search made by a Consumer online, on the website of the Seller, the Seller will clearly mention the existence of paid advertising or another specific payment for the integration in a better position in the hierarchy of products among the search results.

Also, the Seller will display on the online interface information about the main parameters of establishing the hierarchy of products presented to the Consumer, when they are displayed as a result of search made by the Consumers based on key words or other inputs.

The Seller will apply the following remedy measures for the Consumers affected by the unfair commercial practices:

a) replacement, reduction of price or cessation of contract and refunding the value of the product or service, as applicable;

b) indemnification for the prejudice suffered by the Consumer;

c) if they notice deficiencies in the first 30 days from the purchase of product, the order is directly replaced.


Any other problem caused by the products and services presented on  and which is not already treated in any article of this document, will be amicably settled within 30 working days from the date when the problems were reported in writing by the Buyer.

If the amicable settlement of conflict failed and to the extent applicable by law, the competence belongs to the Romanian courts of law or an alternative dispute settlement body agreed by both Parties. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions of using the website , the Customer fully undertakes the whole consequences which result from the use of website under these conditions.